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The Company

We are a Utah-incorporated wireless telecommunications design and consulting company. Our team of expert engineers and researchers specialize in wireless communications systems and networks, especially in design and analysis of error control coding, MIMO systems, channel estimation and tracking, random access for satellite and IoT networks, network coding, and system implementation in FPGA for a variety of telecommunications applications. We are available globally for consulting services.

The Founder

HCDC Group was founded in 2010 by Dr. Christian Schlegel as an extension of the University of Alberta’s CORE HCDC Laboratory. Dr. Schlegel specializes in the fields of Communications and Information Theory, Wireless Transmission Systems, and Computationally Efficient Algorithm Theory and Implementation. Dr. Schlegel held the iCORE Research Chair in Digital Communications at the University of Alberta from 2002-2011, and the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Underwater Communications and Networking at Dalhousie University from 2012-2018. Since then he has focused on technical consulting for the Communications Industry.

Dr. Schlegel is an IEEE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer for both the IEEE Circuits and Systems and the

Vehicular Technology Societies. If you are interested in Dr. Schlegel as lecturer or technical consultant, contact us.


We provide solutions

  • We consult in networking, digital communications signal processing, algorithm development, system simulation & evaluation, and implementation guidance for FPGA/VLSI.

  • We offer individually paced and tailored technical education and training in communications theory and technology.

  • We offer complete 10-week university senior/graduate level courses in communications, signal processing and networking. Courses can be tailored to fit into existing program syllabi.

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