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The Company


We are a Utah-incorporated wireless telecommunications design and consulting company. Our team of expert engineers and researchers specialize in wireless communications system design, coding theory and techniques, MIMO systems, and FPGA cores design for telecommunications applications. Our group is available globally for telecommunications consulting services during any stage of the design process. 


HCDC’s expertise is in algorithm design and analysis, and its implementation on hardware platforms, such as FPGA devices. We research and study signal processing advances, primarily in the field of communications, and specialize in translating them into firmware cores, and establish auxiliary functionalities that are required to operate the algorithms on prototype hardware platforms. We partner with customers who already know their systems requirements, or can provide access to hardware devices that allow us to demonstrate entire prototypes. HCDC has provided algorithmic solutions to communications applications in aeronautical telecommunications, for high-speed cable modems, and for radio systems.

The Founder


HCDC was founded in 2010 by Dr. Christian Schlegel as an extension of the University of Alberta’s iCORE HCDC Laboratory. Dr. Schlegel is an expert in the fields of Communications and Information Theory, Wireless Transmission and Systems and Computationally Efficient Algorithmic Theory and Implementation. Dr. Schlegel held the iCORE Chair in Digital Communications at the University of Alberta from 2002-2011, and is now with Dalhousie University where he holds the Ultra/NSERC Research Chair in marine digital communications. He is an IEEE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer for both the IEEE Circuits and Systems and the Vehicular Technology Societies. If you are interested in having Dr. Schlegel as an IEEE lecturer at your event, please contact us.

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